Voltaire Blue Draisienne

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A bike designed for elegant learning. The draisienne is suitable for little cyclists aged 2 to 4. Its light, sturdy frame helps young cyclists improve their sense of balance. The draisienne is provided with a wicker basket, affixed to the front of the bicycle and is available in visit three historic Voltaire colors.

Recoveries available at La Boutique Voltaire Marais Usually ready in 5 days or more

Voltaire Blue Draisienne

La Boutique Voltaire Marais

Recovery available, usually ready in 5 days or more

21 Rue de Rivoli
75004 Paris

Voltaire Blue Draisienne


  • Age: between 2 and 4 years
  • Color: Midnight Blue
  • Wheels: 12 inches
  • Basket: wicker, brown


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