AXA DPI chain (110 cm)

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Secure your bike easily with the AXA chain.

She secures your bike to a fixed point and integrates into the ring lock interface of your wheel lock thanks to its plug-in system. The AXA DPI 110 cm chain is compatible with our AXA Solid Plus wheel lock, which comes as standard with all our models.

Recoveries available at La Boutique Voltaire Marais Usually ready in 5 days or more

AXA DPI chain (110 cm)

La Boutique Voltaire Marais

Recovery available, usually ready in 5 days or more

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AXA DPI chain (110 cm)


  • Length: 110cm
  • Link size: 9mm
  • Materials: steel chain links, polyester sheathing
  • Compatible with Legendre, Bellecour and Courcelles models


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