Voltaire basket

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Designed in Paris, the Voltaire basket supports loads of up to 10 kg and can be used in the everyday situations of an active cyclist. Available in two sizes according to your model.

You can find the basket installation manual at on this link and basket dimensions on this one.


Recoveries available at La Boutique Voltaire Marais Usually ready in 5 days or more

Voltaire basket

26-inch (Rivoli)

La Boutique Voltaire Marais

Recovery available, usually ready in 5 days or more

21 Rue de Rivoli
75004 Paris

Voltaire basket


  • Maximum load: 10 Kg
  • Weight: 1.6 kg
  • Dimensions: 406 mm x 342 mm x 166 mm
  • Stainless steel with lamp holder
  • Color: silver
  • Available in 26- and 28-inch sizes
  • Compatible with Legendre, Bellecour and Courcelles models


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