Additional charger

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Enjoy even longer autonomy with an additional Voltaire charger. One at the office and another at home, so you can easily charge your battery in 2.5 hours. The charger plugs into the mains. The red LED indicates that the battery is charging. When the LED turns from red to green, the battery is fully charged.

    Recoveries available at La Boutique Voltaire Marais Usually ready in 5 days or more

    Additional charger

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    Recovery available, usually ready in 5 days or more

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    Additional charger


    • Output power: 36 V / 4A
    • Input power: 220 - 240 V AC, 50-60 Hz, 180 W
    • Weight: 700g
    • Package size: 14cm x 6 cm x 20 cm
    • Color: black
    • Compatible with Legendre, Bellecour and Courcelles batteries


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