A passion for cycling. A love of beautiful things.

At the end of 2018, Voltaire was born from the meeting of a duo of entrepreneurs, including Grégoire Lieurade, former product manager at Porsche. A discussion quickly ensued about their passion for bicycles and the obstacles to their development. The conclusion was clear: together, they would create the electric bike brand of their dreams.

Elegant bikes with a timeless design


Practical and ergonomic


With the best electric assistance


Making mobility simple and stylish


twenty-two rue legendre

The Voltaire office

Founded in 2019, our brand will deliver its first bikes in 2021 after two years of R&D. After 3 moves, our team, now made up of 18 employees, is based on rue Legendre in the 17th arrondissement of Paris. Our bikes are assembled in Eastern France, in Romilly-sur-Seine, and in Portugal, south of Porto.



twenty-one rue de Rivoli

Welcome to the Voltaire Boutique.

We welcome you to a charming setting that will remind you of the comfort of home.

Come and try out our models, or leave your Voltaire in our workshop for repair.

We're open Tuesday and Wednesday from 10am to 6pm, and Thursday to Sunday from 11am to 8pm.

From 2019 to today

Our route

2019 - 2021: R&D and industrialization
The company is created in March 2019. The founders surround themselves with engineers to develop the first prototypes. A mechanical team designs the bikes and develops the motor system, while the technical team designs the on-board electronics. The first prototype is born in October 2019. A series of improvements follow, and the second prototype is created in June 2020, just after the first confinement. After an industrialization phase, the pre-production model sees the light of day in early 2021.
2021 - 2022: arrival on the market
After a successful pre-order campaign, the first Voltaires are delivered in April 2021. Success was immediate, and the brand carved out a place for itself in this competitive market by offering top-of-the-range products and delivering an exceptional customer experience. In fact, it has the highest Trustpilot rating among electric bike brands at 4.7/5. This success has attracted a number of prestigious partnerships, including Porsche, Claudie Pierlot, Sezane and the Le Bristol luxury hotel.
Since 2023: acceleration and international
After raising funds at the end of summer 2022, the company accelerates at all levels. It launched a national poster campaign, opened its flagship store on Rue de Rivoli, launched the Legendre, its first high-frame model, and opened its first boutique on the Asian continent in Seoul, South Korea. With a presence in 12 countries, 2024 gets off to a strong start, with an increase in orders (x2.5 vs. 2023), the launch of the new Rivoli model and, soon, the opening of a second boutique in Paris.