Year in review

2023 in a wrap.

The year has just come to a close, and it's the perfect time to look back on our achievements in 2023.

april 2023 : legendre

It's been a busy year for Voltaire. In April, we launched our first high-frame model: the Legendre. Designed and developed for active, dynamic people who want to get around town with an inimitable style, this bike was the perfect addition to our range.

april 2023: national advertising campaign

The momentum continued with our very first advertising campaign. From displays in the parisian metro to those in the streets of the 10 biggest cities in France, we've had the pleasure of seeing you discover or re-discover our brand. We're also delighted to see our community growing by the day, especially on our social networks.

may 2023: opening of the Boutique Voltaire

On May 10, we inaugurated our first store. Located in the heart of the Marais neighborhood, we welcome you to a warm and cozy space at 21 Rue de Rivoli, inviting you to immerse yourself in our universe. A place where you can discover our different models, and take care of your bicycle.

may 2023: octobre editions x voltaire

We had the opportunity to collaborate with Octobre Editions, Sezane's masculine counterpart, by organizing cycle repair workshops. These afternoons took place in Octobre's iconic boutique, Rue Saint Fiacre.

june and july 2023: Eurobike and prodays trade fairs

June 21, 2023 marked the opening of the Eurobike trade show in Frankfurt. It was an opportunity for Voltaire to show off its models to a large number of professionals, and to present our new Legendre bike. A few days later, we also attended the Prodays show in Paris.

september 2023: launch in South Korea

In 2023, we also had the opportunity to expand Voltaire beyond France and Europe. We opened our first pop-up store on the Asian continent, in Seoul. We were delighted to be able to bring Voltaire to Korea!

october 2023: a growing community

2023 was also a year in which we succeeded in building a bigger community on social networks, particularly on Instagram. During this year, we became the second most followed French electric bike brand on social networks. We're delighted to share this with you, and we thank you for it!

november 2023: international growth

Since November 2023, Voltaire has extended its reach beyond France into 12 countries. These include Denmark, Belgium, Italy, Germany and many other countries... We are delighted to work with over 150 partners who support us on a daily basis.

december 2023: a record year-end

We end the year with a record: never before have our partners sold so many Voltaires in a single month! Combined with a superb performance from our boutique on rue de Rivoli, the month of December allowed us to end the year with growth of almost +50%!

let's start 2024

Thanks for your support!

The past year has been a particularly rich one, and we're delighted to be able to share it with you. We can't wait to go even further in 2024!