Installing the luggage rack

Below you'll find the instructions you'll need to install the Voltaire luggage rack.
These instructions are also available on the leaflet supplied with the luggage rack.

You can download the instructions below. An explanatory video is available at the end of this article and on our YouTube channel.

the leaflet

The Voltaire luggage rack

Download below the installation instructions for your Voltaire luggage rack.

Make sure that all parts are supplied in the box and that you have prepared all the tools required for assembly.

Before assembly

Before fitting the carrier, check that it is compatible with your bike.

The carrier is compatible only with 26" wheels, is approved to support a child seat or animals, and can carry a maximum load of 27 kg. We recommend that you check that the bicycle frame has the necessary threaded studs for mounting the carrier, that they are spaced 155mm to 165mm apart, and that the bicycle is strong enough to carry a rear load.

Any modification of the luggage rack is strictly forbidden by the manufacturer, as it may pose a risk to the user and other users. The manufacturer declines all responsibility for any damage resulting from such modifications. During use, it is important not to exceed the maximum permitted load, and to carry panniers or luggage only on the luggage rack. If a child seat is fitted, carefully read the baby carrier's instructions and check that no ties can get caught in the wheel.

Finally, check that reflectors and lights are visible and not covered by the rack or its load. The Voltaire luggage rack is designed to be mounted on city or mountain bikes.

Read the instructions carefully before installing the luggage rack.

If you have any doubts about compatibility with your bike, please contact your dealer or visit our website

Step 1

Attach the luggage rack to the eyelet on the rear lug.

Step 2

Attach and adjust the adjusting rod to the frame eyelet.

By following these step-by-step instructions, you'll be able to install your luggage rack on your Voltaire bike with ease.

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