Installing the basket

Below are the instructions you'll need to assemble the Voltaire basket.
These instructions are also available on the leaflet supplied with the basket.

You can download the instructions below. An explanatory video is available at the end of this article and on our YouTube channel.

the leaflet

Voltaire basket

Download the installation instructions for your Voltaire basket below.

Make sure that all parts are supplied in the box and that you have prepared all the tools required for assembly.

Step 1

Remove the black plug, then unscrew the fork screw to remove the headlight. Fit the mounting plate, passing the screw through the fork. Watch out for the cable harness in the tube if you have a Courcelles model. Tighten firmly.

Step 2

Unplug the headlight connector by pulling the wire through the rubber piece on the underside of the frame. Unscrew the headlight from its bracket and attach it to the bracket supplied in the box.

Step 3

Place the basket upside down on a flat surface to connect the rods and basket, using two fastening plates per rod.

Pay attention to the direction of the rods. The flat side is in contact with the fork. Do not tighten completely to adjust the basket.

Step 4

Screw the basket assembly and lamp holder to the mounting plate. The basket must be horizontal.

Step 5

Attach the left and right rods to the fork eyelets, placing the spacer between the basket and fork.

Step 6

Secure lamp cable with cable ties. Reconnect the connector by passing the wire through the rubber piece. Test that the lamp lights correctly.

By following these step-by-step instructions, you can easily install your basket on your Voltaire bicycle.

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