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Many of our customers recommend us and give us a rating of 4.85/5!

"I am very happy with the bike itself! Very nice design and beautiful finishes. I am very happy with the hidden battery system which is very easy to use. The bike is comfortable to pedal… I will recommend the bike to my friends!"
alice j.
"It is aesthetically a real success, technically efficient, very satisfactory value for money."
eric t.
"I love the handling of the bike, not having to change gears, the handlebar cuffs, the discretion and originality of the battery, the subtlety of the accessories, having answers to my questions, being able to count on great after-sale service."
stephanie h.
"Overall, mostly positives, I love my voltaire and am happy to use it on a daily basis for all my trips."
constance l.
"In addition to a really good electric bike and a new way of life, the Voltaire teams take great care before, during and after the purchase. Thank you for being the definition of the word service. I recommend 1000%!"
stéphanie c.
« I love my Voltaire bike! It is beautiful, comfortable, and efficient. The sales team and the technician are very nice, good advice! It's a real pleasure »
keshar p.
"The super efficient assistance by WhatsApp is absolutely brilliant, the technical quality of the bike, belt, brakes, too."
margot t.
"I love the comfort and handling of the bike, and everyone compliments me on its aesthetics, so congratulations on this achievement!"
sarah b.
"I really appreciated your method of communication and thank you for all your help. Happy customers make for thriving businesses!!!!!" 
corinne d.
"Bright, light, easy to use and beautiful.
In short, I love my bike!"
anne d.
"Very good experience overall and I appreciated the availability and great responsiveness of the Voltaire team!"
jean c.
"Overall delighted with the experience, sublime, compact and high-tech bike I also like the braking, it allows me to go fast safely. In addition, the bike is maneuverable. I'm so attached to this bike, I swear it has a soul. I'm going to find him a nickname."  
pierre l.
"I am proud of my bike and I feel "free" because I can go for a ride with peace of mind, knowing that the electric assistance will help me on tough routes."
marie d.
"The bike is very maneuverable and that's a real highlight. Everything is great!"
karine l.
"I love my Voltaire bike! It is beautiful, comfortable, efficient. The sales team and the technician are very nice, good advice, responsive! It's a real pleasure"
keshar p.
"Top-of-the-line aesthetics and finishing touches. . Comfortable. Pleasant driving position"
Julie g.
"Great bike, it's a first for me on an electric bike, it's very beautiful and practical"
david h.
"I love the design, the basket, the comfort, the anti-theft device integrated into the wheel, the whole Voltaire team, which is great!"
lorène g.
"Nice responsiveness. From the website to the after-sales service, everything is really successful, well done!"
felix o.
"I've had my Voltaire bike for almost two months and I'm still on my little cloud. This bike is a real pleasure! I love it. Thank you !!!!"
jean-michel l.