The vintage e-bike

Commute in style

commute in style

Commute in style


Unique vintage
style design


Ideal partner for
your daily commute


Battery hidden
in the frame 


Smooth and powerful
electric assistance

VOLTAIRE - Accueil - Vélo Courcelles


An anti-theft system,
GPS tracking and alarm to keep your bike safe.
VOLTAIRE - Accueil - Vélo Bellecour


Simplicity of beauty.
Ergonomic design for a comfortable ride.

VOLTAIRE - La Draisienne crème

for kids

Our bikes and accessories for kids,
explore the city with your family.
VOLTAIRE - Accueil Philou sur un vélo Voltaire 2
Imagined in Paris,
assembled in France & Portugal.
our mission
So French and trendy, Voltaire e-bikes are the perfect partners of your daily life.
Discover beauty at its finest.
Their unique vintage-style design, inspired by bicycles of the 1960s,
and the subtle integration of electric assistance, give them elegance and cachet.
Easy to step over, comfortable to ride, nice to look at.

Voltaire at
all ages

Easy to use, Voltaire bikes is the perfect partner for adults as well as children.

A timeless design and various colors to fit every riders.

You set the rhythm: your Voltaire adapts itself to let you discover the city at your own pace.

VOLTAIRE - Accueil - Vélo pratique et innnovant

a comfortable
and innovative

We've developed our own technologies and designed our e-bikes to meet your daily life needs.

Intelligent electric assistance that adapts to the power of your pedaling, home-designed saddle tilting system to remove the battery, and on-board electronics: everything has been thought to make our Courcelles the perfect urban e-bike.

come and discover
our bikes
in store

VOLTAIRE - Accueil - Carte des boutiques

We have partners in many French cities.
Find your nearest shop.


« Very good experience overall and I appreciated the availability and great responsiveness of the Voltaire team! »

jean c.

« I love the comfort and handling of the bike,
and everyone compliments me on its aesthetics,
so congratulations on this achievement! »

stéphanie h.

« I love my Voltaire bike! It is beautiful, comfortable, and efficient. The sales team and the technician are very nice, good advice! It's a real pleasure »

keshar p.

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