Les tips hivernaux

Warm up for winter riding.

Here are our 5 tips to help you make the most of your Voltaire even when the temperatures drop in winter.

Tip no. 1

Use the 2 brakes

In fact, on slippery ground, fallen leaves or frozen surfaces, the grip of the bike's tires diminishes, just like in a car. You need to brake carefully and control your speed. Use both brakes.

Tip no. 2

Don't overfill the basket

To avoid bumps and loss of balance, don't put too much weight in the basket. This shifts the bike's center of gravity and the position of the cycle is no longer 100% adapted.

Putting too much weight on the front of the bike in grey weather means running the risk of sliding endlessly.

Tip no. 3

Appropriate clothing

Staying dry and warm will help you ride longer. That's why we recommend wearing rain jackets or coats that won't get caught in the pedals.

Tip no. 4

It will fit you perfectly

Our bikes have been designed down to the smallest detail, with contrasting stitched handles and hand rests for optimum riding comfort.

When temperatures drop, you need to protect your hands to enjoy a comfortable ride. So remember to wear gloves!

Tip no. 5

Put a helmet on

Bad for your hairstyle, but effective for keeping you protected. A helmet will be your best ally against (temperature) falls, but also against rain. Not compulsory for adult cyclists, although still highly recommended.

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