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Our customers recommend us!

When asked "Would you recommend Voltaire to your friends and family?" we get a score of 4.85 / 5.

« This bike is a marvel and we are happy to participate in the development of a young French start up. Don't change a thing! 🙂 »

Sophie C.

« It is aesthetically a real success, technically performing very satisfactory value for money. »

Eric T.

« The bike is very maneuverable and that's a real highlight. Everything is great! »

Karine L.

« I am delighted with the contacts we had with the whole team and particularly with Grégoire. This bike is a marvel and we are happy to participate in the development of a young French start up. Do not change anything :) »

Sophie C.

« I am very happy with the bike itself! Very nice design and finish. I am very happy with the hidden battery system which is very easy to use. The bike is comfortable to pedal... I will recommend the bike to my friends! »

Alice J.

« Overall delighted with the experience, great bike, compact and technological. »

Pierre L.

« Overall, mostly positive points, I love my voltaire and am delighted to use it on a daily basis for all my journeys. »

Constance L.

« Your sales policy is truly exceptional. I bought my bike in November 2020 and the health crisis we went through had an impact on manufacturing and delivery times. You kept me regularly updated on the situation, the progress of the manufacturing, the modifications made on the bike, etc... I really appreciated your method of communication and thank you for all these attentions. Happy customers make successful businesses !!!!! »

Corinne DSA.

« Very good experience overall and I appreciated the availability and great responsiveness of the Voltaire team prior to delivery! »

Jean C.

« I love the handling of the bike, not having to shift gears, the handlebar cuffs, the discretion and originality of the battery, the sobriety of the accessories, having answers to my questions, being able to count on a great after sales service. »

Stéphanie H.

« Pleased with my bike and the contact with the team. »

Philippe D.

« Great team, very nice bike, great service. »